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Pursuing Excellence and Enriching Life

About FuSheng Precision

Precision. Perfection. Pinnacle.

This is our unchanging promise.

FuSheng Precision is committed to the principles of practicality and continuous improvement to actively innovate and strategize towards diversification and internationalization and to respond rapidly to changes in market trends and needs. In recent years, corporate social responsibility is realized through the prioritization of energy conservation and environmental protection, thus achieving a win-win scenario of client trust and satisfaction.



Management Team

Management Introduction



D.K. Chang

Chief Technology Officer

Eric Hsu

Chief Financial Officer/


Roger Chiang

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Feng

Executive Vice President of Golfing Division

W.M. Lee

Executive Vice President

Kelvin Lin

Vice President of Metal Composite Division


​Board of Directors


L.C. Lee

Chairman of FuSheng Industry

Chairman of FuSheng Electronics


DC Dun-Chien Cheng

TGVest Capital Chairman

UMC Capital Corporation President

Independent Director

CK Chih-Kang Chen

Certified Public Accountant ( R.O.C)

Director and President of WUS Printed Circuit Co., Ltd.


Roger Chiang

Director of FuSheng Industry

Director of FuSheng Electronics

Independent Director

Victor Wei-Chi Liu

President of Chung Hua University 

Chairman of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation


W.M. Lee

Chief Executive Officer of ZhongShan WorldMark Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Executive Vice President of FuSheng Precision

Independent Director

Michael Chi-Tzu Kao

Co-founder and Vice Chairman of ITEQ Corporation 

Chairman Of Taiwan ITRI New Venture Association