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Corporate Milestone


Listed and Trading at Emerging Market

Acquired ZhongShan AuBo Precision Technology Co., Ltd. to vertically integrate golf business.

August 2018

Acquired NFT Technology Co., Ltd. and established the Aerospace Platform.

July 2018

Listed and Trading at Emerging Market

November 2017


Group Restructuring

FuSheng Group performed organization restructuring to separate three business units into three independent legal entities: FuSheng Precision for Golf Club Head; FuSheng Electronics for Lead Frame; and FuSheng Industry for Air Compressor.

November 2010

Amended the registration of Nelson Precision Casting Co., Ltd to “FuSheng Precision Co., Ltd. Kaohsiung Branch”.

June 2010

Legally dissolved Nelson Precision Casting Co., Ltd. 

April 2010


Cross-Border Cooperation 

January 2008

Cooperated with Oaktree Capital, and become Taiwan’s 1st company which go delist because of  working with PE fund

September 2004

Established FS Precision Tech Co., LLC by acquiring  US based company - Coastcast Corp., primarily for expanding titanium alloy casting core technology and the North American market of related business. 

June 2003

Established Vision International Co., Ltd. in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.


Stock Listing

Approved to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) under ticker number 1520.

June 1997

Titanium alloy golf club head production line was installed in Taoyuan Plant.

December 1995

Inauguration of ZhongShan WorldMark Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., which was invested by, WorldMark Service Co.,Ltd, Hong Kong.

January 1994

Fusheng merged with Liang Sheng to form Fusheng Co., Ltd

December 1990


Founding of Nelson Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

June 1978

Nelson Precision Casting Co., Ltd was founded after acquisition of a plant in E. 5th Street, Kaohsiung Nantze Processing Export Zone. 

May 1970

Liang Shang Industrial Co., Ltd was established.