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Golf Club Heads and Shafts

Golf Club Heads and Shafts

We are the world's largest supplier of high quality titanium and stainless steel golf equipment and a leader of both new technology and production management in the industry. Our major customers include U.S. and Japanese brands.

Baseball Bats

Baseball Bats

OEM for world-leading baseball/softball bat brands using aluminum alloy, composite material and hybrid structure.


Anti-slip grip

Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy & Composite Materials with variable wall design

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Hybrid material structure

Ultra lightweight composite end cap

Industrial Precision Parts

Industrial Precision Parts

Industrial Products offers a wide range of precision products for a variety of industries, including automotive parts, medical devices, aerospace parts, pumps/valves, hand/power tools, and hardware.


Titanium Professional Camera Housing

Aerospace and Automotive Precision Parts

Aerospace and Automotive Precision Parts



In aerospace and automobile developments, we are capable of large-scale titanium aerospace castings, aluminum alloys, and nickle alloy castings, heat treatment, welding, surface treatment and non-destructive testings and also obtained AS9100D and NADCAP aerospace quality system certifications.

Automotive Turbo Wheel

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