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Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

Quality is the life of the corporation.

By establishing a comprehensive quality control system and advanced testing equipment, we achieve the quality requirements of our customers. Our enthusiastic quality control talents strive to continuously improve and maintain our quality management system.

Quality Policy

Deliver quality and competitive products and services to our customers punctually.

Quality Policy Explanation

To provide excellent quality and service, all employees must have the same quality awareness and participate actively in the process of quality improvement. In order to ensure the consistent quality of products and services, every production and service process needs to comply strictly in accordance with the prescribed standards. In order to improve the competitiveness and facilitate the long-term sustainability of the company, manufacturing process optimization and costs reduction must be carried out to ensure that the delivery date, price and quantity satisfy the requirements of the clients. 

NDT Cerificate 20240831
HT Certificate 20240228
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